Tirra—Coast Rica Recipes

By Dom Vittitow


Our Costa Rica offerings are now available in 12oz bags.

These two coffees are exactly the same but for one fact: the coffee cherries were processed differently after they were picked. One was a natural process and the other was a honey process.


It’s always fun to see how different processing methods can affect the final product. In this case, we found that the honey had notes reminiscent of pineapple, brown sugar, and white peach. With the natural process, notes consisted of vanilla, grape skittle, and dried mango.

We’ve been enjoying them on drip at the cafe and on v60 pour over at the roastery.

Wanna follow suit? Here’s the recipe we used for pour over to get you started:

22g coffee

340g water

40g, 30 second bloom/priming

2:30-2:45 brew time

Medium fine grind size (3 on Fellow’s Ode grinder). Photo for reference!

Grind size with pencil for reference.

Remember to purge your filter, use a gooseneck kettle if you have one, and as always, adjust variables to suit your taste.