Partner Feature—Patois!

Patois is tucked into the Uptown neighborhood at the corner of Laurel and Webster. Arriving feels like you've discovered something special—a romantic, cozy secret just for you and your party.
Exterior of Patois with gold lettering in the window
The interior of Patois is cozy and sophisticated
Chef Jonathan Lomonaco chooses an Ethiopian single origin coffee from our offerlist to compliment their French cuisine. These days, they're serving the Ardi, a natural processed Ethiopian coffee with notes of fresh strawberry and milk chocolate. 
Fresh coffee being poured into a white mug
Black coffee in a white mug on a copper bar top
This coffee is sweet and smooth enough to drink black, and achieves black forrest cake decadence when you add cream and sugar. 
Cream poured into a cup of black coffee
At Patois, you'll find classic French dishes, created with with a distinct Louisiana patois, or accent. They serve Congregation because the simple coffee program—just drip coffee—needs to be as high of quality as their food, and elevate their customers's experiences in the restaurant.
The Patois window decal is reflected in a mirror