For Everyone, Every Day.

Named after the collective noun for a group of alligators, Congregation Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee company in New Orleans. We launched in 2015 out of the back of a shotgun house with a mission to bring quality coffee to the New Orleans area and beyond.

Our collective mission is to create compelling coffee, outstanding customer experiences, and a sustainable brand through autonomy, equity, and curiosity.

It’s important to us to make coffee that tastes interesting. We think ours tastes uniquely like our home in New Orleans.

We aim to be the preeminent coffee roaster and regional hub for barista training and coffee education in the South. We embrace tradition while setting our sights on the future by focusing our best selves on our present day. We are craftspeople, sourcing, making, teaching, and serving the best coffee and foods we can produce.

Everything we do is for our employees, customers, vendors, and other small businesses, young artists, and causes we can help support and grow through our platform.

Because in this crazy world, everyone deserves a great cup of coffee and a place they can feel comfortable every day.