Partner Feature—Light House Coffee!

Light House Coffee is a bright, airy, Baton Rouge cafe with a mission! The bright space truly is a house of light.

Leadership at Light House Coffee has big goals to serve the world, and they use intentional hiring as one of their tools for impact. 

After learning about deficits in the system for helping refugees, Amber Elworth—co-owner and manager—wanted to do something about it. "What nonprofits do to help is great, but it's not enough. So often they're underfunded, under resourced, and understaffed. We're using business to help people."

A barista points at some Congregation retail bags

We're so stoked to be featured as their guest roaster! Each guest roaster feature only lasts a couple months, so hurry in to taste Congregation Coffee on espresso and pour over. 

A beautifully presented shot of Iglesias espresso

What's Amber's favorite drink on the menu right now? "The buttered rum latte on the winter menu is delicious!" Yum!