Introducing The Congregation Coffee Flavor Wheel

We've been brewing something special...

We've been working behind the scenes on something really special: the Congregation Coffee Flavor Wheel! We're so excited to share it with you!

The coffee world has lots of resources for coffee professionals to put words to what they taste. The industry standard is the Specialty Coffee Association's Coffee Taster's Wheel. Often these graphics and terms, while useful, can be overwhelming and a little opaque.

One of our goals here at Congregation Coffee Roasters is to create an accessible, fun, and interactive atmosphere for our coffee community—our congregation! With that in mind, we wanted to create a flavor tasting wheel that really distilled what we taste in coffee down to the basics, while accurately portraying what we taste in the coffee! 

Flavor wheel graphic

How to use the Congregation Coffee Flavor Wheel:

Step 1: The center is level 0, with lines radiating out to level 5. If you perceive MAXIMUM fruitiness for example, draw a dot on the level 5 fruity line. Continue tasting and filling out the wheel until you have dots for each slice of the pie. 

Step 2: Connect the dots! This will create a special shape for each coffee you taste.

Step 3: Put it to use! Do your coffee preferences lean towards one side of the coffee wheel? Compare it to the wheels that we have filled out for each of our coffees to predict whether it lines up with your tastes! 

Filled in Flavor Wheel graphic

Flavor Wheel shape for the Ardi—Ethiopia.

filled in flavor wheel graphic

Flavor Wheel shape for the High Walk Blend.

Find the Congregation Coffee Flavor Wheel on the back of each of our labels. 

We hope you use this wheel to explore your own preferences and to inform your coffee purchases. Most importantly, we hope you have fun with it!