Partner Feature—Brennan's!

We're extra excited and proud to feature our partner Brennan's, a New Orleans institution.
Brennan's has an extra special place in our hearts here at Congregation, since they were one of the very first wholesale partners to trust us to provide their coffee.
In New Orleans, Brennan's is synonymous with breakfast. And when you think breakfast, you think coffee. 
We've been roasting a special coffee just for Brennan's since 2015. The team at Brennan's elects for a medium-bodied, low-acidity, warm flavor profile for it's special single origin coffee. Single origin coffees come from just one location, often a single farm, so it's highly traceable. Using a single origin coffee is an excellent way to honor the producer of the coffee, and using high-quality ingredients thoughtfully is a priority at Brennan's. A perfect fit.
Brennan's serves their special single origin coffee as a French Press. They also offer espresso beverages made with our Gallop Blend.
The restaurant is a little like Wonderland—with each new corner turned, you entire an entirely different world. The courtyard is breezy and airy, some rooms are cozy and luxurious, and others are lush and refined.
General Manager Christian Pendleton says, "We look to find local producers and ingredients because we're all neighbors." He continued, "Coffee is important, because it's often how our guests start their day."
Pendleton adds, "We've been happy to help and watch Congregation grow. Let's get Congregation to the 77 year mark!"