Brown Sugar Pistachio Latte for Grow Dat Youth Farm!

Introducing the Brown Sugar Pistachio Latte! This month, each purchase of the BSP benefits Grow Dat Youth Farm. We're so excited to support this excellent local organization and the awesome work they do.

A hot latte with a pistachio crumble

Sophisticated and indulgent, this latte is a treat worth having every day. A salted pistachio brown sugar syrup is dissolved into espresso and topped with your choice of milk. Vegan friendly!

An iced latte

The mission of Grow Dat Youth Farm is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. On Grow Dat's seven-acre sustainable farm located in City Park, people from various backgrounds work collaboratively to grow food; educate and inspire youth and adults; and build power to create personal, social, and environmental change. Since 2010, over 450 young adults have graduated from Grow Dat's leadership programs and helped to harvest about 275,000 pounds of food for local consumption, 20% of which gets donated to local organizations and food-insecure residents through their Shared Harvest Program.

Photo by Claire Bangser