Seasonality of Coffee

Why are some of our coffees only available for a few months?

Coffee is a seasonal crop! Farms typically harvest just once per year. After the crop is harvested, samples of coffee from around the world arrive to our roastery.

Several samples of green coffee in clear packaging

The samples we get are too small to roast on our batch roaster, so Head Roaster and Green Buyer Zoe sample-roasts them in a small, desktop roaster.

The team then cups the coffee as a way to taste the coffee for quality and tasting notes. We carefully choose exceptional coffees that fit our menu, then Zoe orders the coffee by the burlap sack.

Once the harvested crop of coffee is out, it's out! Some farmers grow the same coffees year to year, so something similar may be available next year, but weather changes and other environmental changes could make the same coffee grown in the same place taste different year to year.  

All our single origin coffees are seasonal. The term "single origin" means the coffee crop comes from just one place. We like that our menu gets to rotate seasonally, though. Variety is the spice of life!

We name all our single origin coffees after the place they are from, usually the name of the farm. Examples are the Kinini Village AA and Iglesias!

Why, then, are some of our coffees available all the time?

Our Blends are available all the time, and we have a special way of making sure your coffee is tasting consistent. We work backwards from tasting notes that we'd like the blend to hit. 

For the High Walk, for example, we want this coffee to be nutty and chocolatey with a little bit of fruit brightness and sweetness. As of publishing this Note, the High Walk is part Guatemalan coffee and part Brazilian coffee. When one of those components runs low, Zoe will source coffee that will bring something similar to the blend. We'll cup the new potential blend components for quality and taste, and we'll decide which one gets to achieve the honor of delighting you in your cup of High Walk you brew every day. 

We give our blends cute names! High Walk, Gallop, and Low Walk are all named after how alligators move around. Spots and Two Spot are named after two albino alligators that have lived at Audubon Zoo!