Partner Feature — Plume Algiers!

We're pleased as punch to partner with Merritt Coscia and Tyler Stuart at Plume Algiers—a colorful restaurant blocks from our cafe celebrating the regional Indian cuisine. "We focus on regional Indian food," Tyler says, "and we're the only ones in the city that do that." 
Merritt adds, "Cross the damn bridge!" It's definitely, definitely worth it. 
Plume serves Congregation drip coffee. I asked Merritt which coffee they've been using. "I've been serving Spots, but today I ordered the Nensebo Suke because I saw the apricot tasting note." The drip coffee is served in adorable, appropriately colorful mugs. "I get bored easily, which is why our menu changes regularly." So, reader, ask what's in your mug when you order a coffee! Whatever it is, it'll be tasty guaranteed. 
"We love that we can provide coffee for neighborhood, especially for the teachers at the school down the street. Coffee is important! I couldn’t function without it!"
Make a point to visit Plume Algiers. The atmosphere is colorful and playful, and the food matches the vibe. The Banana Chaat (pictured) is a menu staple. Who knew such flavor and delightful textures could be experienced in a single bite!?
Shop Spots and Nensebo Suke at the links below!