Candied Yam Latte for Kryla

The Candied Yam Latte is the autumn beverage of your dreams! Every one purchased benefits Kryla—a local organization supporting Ukrainian refugees displaced by the ongoing war.

KRYLA/КРИЛА (/kɹɪljə/ or “krill-a”) is an NGO founded in 2022 by Ukrainian-Americans, friends, and allies that aims to bring humanitarian aid and specialized medical supplies to places with acute need. 

Started in New Orleans and inspired by the warmth and resilience of the city, Kryla works to aid refugees displaced by the ongoing war.

The Candied Yam Latte was developed by barista Erin Cessna. Inspired by the season, but wanting to go a step beyond the PSL, Erin landed on the classic Thanksgiving treat, sweet potato casserole, for inspiration!

The seasoned, oven roasted sweet potato balances the brown sugar sweetness of the maple cane syrup for a super satisfying sip. Of course, marshmallows are a must to mimic the classic casserole look.

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