Partner Feature—Jewel of the South!

Jewel of the South is like Wonderland—a place where simple, ordinary things transform into the exceptional and unusual. Accolades for Jewel include Best US Restaurant Bar from Tales of the Cocktail, 2022's list of 50 Best Bars in North America, and Esquire's Best Bars in America.

Somehow, this gem still feels like a local's place, and we're so honored to be a part of the incredible experience Jewel gives its guests!

The team at Jewel of the South uses our coffee so creatively! Check out a few of the ways it's appeared on their menu.

The Druid Priest
A coral orange-pink cocktail with a delicate garnishTequila, Mezcal, Ancho-Orange Cordial, Coffee Spice, Lemon

Earl of HarlemA coup glass on a white tableCoffee infused amaro

Coffee Cobbler
A chilled metal glass garnished with mint, marigold, and coffee beans
House Sherry Syrup, Oat Syrup, Congregation Cold Brew

Espresso Martini
An espresso martini on a white, wrought iron table

Cold Brew
A tall glass of cold brew with cream spiraling in.