Partner Feature — Dovetail Bar!

When you're out with your sweetie on the way to see a touring production at the Saenger Theatre, stop by Dovetail Bar first!
The space is so beautiful, both in the sunlight and at night. They serve both coffee and cocktails, at their appropriate times of day. In the morning, you'll find Congregation Coffee in the cold brew and cups of drip (brewed to order with our Steeped Bags). Ask for the housemade vanilla bourbon syrup in the cold brew to satisfy your caffeine cravings and your sweet tooth!
The space uses wood recycled from the original building, so it's worth the visit for both the beverages and the history.
In the evening, you'll find our coffee in the espresso martini on tap! Completed with a lemon expression and a small piece of chocolate, this cocktail is a sensory sensation!
Big thanks to the owner, Ariana, Jessica, the coffee program manager, and Will, the bar director at Dovetail for your devotion to serving our coffee deliciously!
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