Introducing the Process Set: Tirra—Costa Rica

This set is extremely cool and special for lots of reasons!

A colorful box just waiting to be opened!

Let’s start with the coffee:

This set contains coffee from the same farm, processed two different ways. That means that the difference in taste comes from the processing only, and these coffees taste very different!

Natural processed coffees are dried with the fruit on the coffee seeds (beans), and this leads to a very fruity-tasting coffee as the sugars from the coffee cherry migrate into the coffee beans themselves. 

Flavor profile for natural process coffee: Vanilla, Grape Skittle, Dried Mango

Honey (or “semi-pulped”) processed coffees exist partway between a natural and washed process, flavor wise. This is where only some of the fruit is washed off, but the seeds are dried with some fruit remaining attached. As the coffee dries, the fruit becomes runny, and looks a little like honey (no honey is actually used in this process). 

Flavor profile for honey process coffee: Pineapple, Brown Sugar, White Peach

Now let’s talk about the design:

We partnered with our neighbor Cubs the Poet, who created some art for the set after learning about coffee processing and tasting both the coffees with us. 

The collage was then Riso printed locally by Constance to make the poster included in this set. We also incorporated Cubs’s art into the sleeve covering the box tray!

This set contains: One 8oz bag of Tirra Honey, one 8oz bag of Tirra Natural, and Cubs’s poster. Shop the set here. 

An unboxed set of two bags of coffee and a poster