A Ruby Latte For Eternal Seeds

This weekend, July 30th and 31st, we are doing another “pay what you will” special drink. This time it’s a Ruby Latte and this time 100% of sales from this drink will go to Eternal Seeds. The Ruby Latte is a tart and sweet latte with a fresh house made raspberry sauce and condensed coconut milk.

Eternal Seeds is a community-based nonprofit, founded by Studio Be, that serves artists in New Orleans. Their work is centered around education, empowerment, and the preservation of New Orleans Black history and culture, with a focus on young and emerging artists. Harnessing the power of creative expression and community, they provide artists with tools they need to become the revolutionary leaders and shapers of a more just, equitable, and artful world.

Coffee shops have, historically, been a place for demonstration, a place for movements to converge. A place for the “counter-culture." With that, we will be continuing a “pay what you will” model on the last weekend of every month. We will have a new, fun, and playful drink special offered. 100% of funds from said drink will get donated.

Barista Yudelca selected this organization to benefit to help celebrate her birthday this month. Drop on by this weekend to celebrate in the best way possible!