Hours TBD

644 Camp St.
New Orleans, LA. 70130


644 Camp St

has been a cafe, restaurant and/or coffee shop since the 1800's, and Congregation is keeping that tradition alive with its second location. The newest outpost of Congregation offers a casual ‘all-day cafe’ model, designed to offer a little something for everyone in the CBD.



Granola and Fruit   $8.5
mixed seed, fruit and oat granola sweetened with Three Brother's Farm cane sugar and orange juice
choose: yogurt, milk or alternative milk

Coconut Rice Pudding   $6
vegan, coconut and oat milk slightly sweet rice treat with macerated currants and puffed rice

Baked Eggs   $9.5
two eggs with ham, gruyere and roasted pepper cream

Two Eggs on Toast   $8.5
poached, sunny or bodega with pecan pesto

Lox on Toast   $11.5
cream cheese, red onion, tomato-caper relish and chopped egg

Biscuits and Gravy   $11
mushroom and peppercorn gravy & 2 sunny eggs
+ brisket or sausage patty $3

Breakfast Sandwich   $8.5
bodega eggs, house made breakfast sausage and cheddar on brioche roll

Bibb Lettuce Salad   $8.25

radish, mixed herbs and buttermilk-sunflower seed dressing

Pickled Greens on Toast   $10
w/ cultured butter and a soft boiled egg

Turkey Sandwich   $11.5
havarti cheese, shredded lettuce, pickled spicy peppers and oregano

Croque Monsieur   $10.5
ham, gruyere and bechamel sandwich
make it a madame w/ a sunny egg  $2

Brisket Sandwich   $12.5
with horseradish remoulade, roasted peppers and watercress